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Electric Boilers in North Lanarkshire

Assured Heating, based in North Lanarkshire, comprises skilled electric heating engineers dedicated to providing top-notch heating solutions.

With a commitment to excellence, they specialise in installing, repairing, and maintaining electric boilers. Assured Heating ensures homes in North Lanarkshire enjoy efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly heating solutions. Their team of experienced engineers combines technical expertise with a customer-centric approach, prioritising reliability and customer satisfaction.

From a Traditional Non-Combination Boiler to a Thermaflow boiler, Assured Heating offers tailored solutions to meet diverse needs. Known for their professionalism and prompt service, Assured Heating stands as a trusted name in North Lanarkshire's heating industry, delivering warmth and comfort with cutting-edge electric heating technologies.


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Electric Heating / Boiler Options:

There are several electric boilers on the North Lanarkshire market, but they work in two different ways.

A Traditional Non-Combination Boiler

This system is made up of 2 parts. Firstly the boiler, which is often hung on the wall, and this pumps the water around the radiators (it’s often known as a direct flow boiler - these boilers work on the Economy 10 tariff from Hydro Electric). The second part is the hot water cylinder which stores and supplies your hot water. This is heated up from a 3KW heating element.

An Electric Combination Boiler (Thermaflow)

This is a large hot water thermal store cylinder, which will provide mains pressure hot water for baths, showers etc and also heats the house. These boilers often need large cupboard spaces, but will not require a separate boiler unit. They need no other tanks as they work on a sealed system. These boilers work on the Economy 2000 tariff from Scottish Power and supply electricity to the boiler heat store for 18 hours a day. During this time, the heat energy is stored up inside the boiler and has enough power to give adequate heating and hot water during the shut-down periods. The pumps on the boilers are supplied through domestic electricity 24 hours a day thus allowing the heating and hot water to be active around the clock.

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Clark, has replced our failed electric boiler with a new efficient boiler and hot water tank. Old boiler had failed and I spent a day and half phoning around to find someone who fits electric boilers, finally found Clark and he came round next day and gave us an estimate. He ordered the boiler and tank and within the week he was onsite to fit it, a day and a half and it's all working fine. Many thanks a great job!


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