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External Oil Tank Removal

If you're upgrading your oil tank or even changing your heating system, you'll need to remove your oil tank safely and within regulations.

There could be a number of reasons why you may need to have your oil tank removed. For example, it’s too old and needs upgrading, it is damaged, you’re renovating a property, you’re changing your heating requirements or you just need a bigger tank for a growing family. But a word or caution – removing an oil tank and disposing of it yourself is not an option so, please do not do it yourself and always hire professionals.

Your heating oil tank should be inspected and serviced by an OFTEC registered heating engineer every year, as well as your heating system, as they will advise you if there are any problems and if your oil tank needs to be replaced.


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Removal by an OFTEC Registered Engineer

The transfer of leftover oil to a holding tank and pumping the contaminated oil on the bottom of the tank.

Disposing of the contaminated oil under licence and specific regulations.

Disconnecting the old tank safely from all pipework and from the base on which it sits.

Cleaning and degassing the old tank before testing and confirming it is gas-free.

Removing and/or cutting up the old tank safely.

Issuing a Waste Transfer Notice regarding the removal of hazardous material.

Inform building control of the work carried out.

Certify that it has been done according to Building Regulations.

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